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Tips for Cutting Perfectly with Partner Concrete Saw

Concrete cutting can be a piece of work especially for a beginner who isn't exactly sure what to do. While this task may seem a little more complex that it really is, there is no reason why you should get intimidated especially if you are equipped with a reliable Partner concrete saw. This brand of concrete saw is actually highly regarded for its accuracy in precision which is exactly what you want in a cutting saw. With this said, the following are some tips for perfect concrete cutting.

Determine the type of concrete to be cut

Concrete have different types and that means they also call for different cutting types. For instance, reinforced concrete should be cut with a depth of four inches or a little deeper. This way, there is more likeliness of you meeting the steel bar inside it halfway. Also, Partner concrete saw with diamond blades should be preferred.

The point here is that you have to identify the type of the concrete you are dealing with first. This is to ultimately find out the cutting equipment that is suitable and the cutting technique you should apply. A green concrete that is more abrasive calls for a different technique as compared to a harder cured concrete.

Pick the proper blade

After determining the specific concrete type you are about to cut, you should make it a point to pick the right blade for the job. There are silver brazed diamond blades that are appropriate for cutting wet concrete. But there are also the more advanced laser welded diamond blades. Judge the blade by its diameter and make sure it is compatible with the saw you have at hand. Your choice of a blade should also be dependent on the horsepower of the saw.

Determine which is best: dry or wet cutting

Typically, concrete is cut with water. This way, the amount of dust in the material is reduced. Such practice also helps preserve the blade by keeping it cool during the process of cutting. Hence, it can also work for better efficiency. With wet cutting, you can usually cut deep and continuous. In other words, wet cutting is always more advisable.

On the other hand, if you have no other choice but to resort to dry cutting, do so in an intermittent manner. You can't cut deep immediately. Instead, cut shallowly.

Do a pre-cut

Always start with a shallow straight line cut on the material.

Use a chalk line to guide the cut. You may also use a straight wood bar or board placed along the drawn line. The pre-cut should be a quarter of an inch deep.

Finally, make sure you are properly protected even before you take the Partner concrete saw. A professional respirator is recommended whether you are planning a dry or wet cutting. The last thing you want is to inhale the dust that can penetrate into the lungs. Wearing earplugs, goggles and other protective pieces of clothing is also recommended. More than a precise and accurate cut, you want to be safe first.